• CHAR MAGAZ 100GM ( چاروں مغز )

    1. Magaz seeds for weight gain:     It is a good news for those who wanted to gain weight. It is suggested that such persons should take a special dish comprises of Magaz seeds. The seed is full of fatty acid, calorie, protein, vitamins and minerals. Method: When a special dish consisted of dry coconut, ghee, almond, Khoya (a milk product) and Magaz seeds are made, it is extremely delicious and use the same on regular basis is helpful in removing weakness and weight gain.
    2. Magaz seeds for hair:      The seeds contain plenty of protein, which is helpful for your hair health, hair growth, hair shining and controlling of hair loss. Protein like lysine, arginine and glutamic acid are abundant in Magaz, which are good for your hair health. Method: Its oil is easily absorbed in the scalp region thereby helpful in strengthening the hair follicles. Its seed also contain copper, which is helpful in stimulating the pigment melanin-an agent to prevent greying of hair. The plenty of fatty acid keeps your hydrated and strong.
    3. Magaz seeds for healthy skin:    Magaz seeds are full of fatty acid like oleic acid and linoleum acid, which help to make your skin glowing. Method: Magaz seeds oils act against dry, dull and acne skin and prevent the clogging of skin pores thus make your skin refreshing and rejuvenating. Its oil keeps your skin hydrating and moisturizing, therefore it is good in making of baby oil.  The antioxidants and fatty acid oils make your skin glowing, fairer and smooth. Since, it provides numerous benefits to make your skin vibrant and young thus helpful in prevention of skin aging problems.
    4. Magaz seeds for sexual health:    Such seeds are having amino acid named as arginine, which is good to boost your sexual power. The presence of lycopene in the seeds is good for sperm formation.
    5. Magaz seeds for diabetes treatment:    The seeds are good in curing of diabetes by lowering down the sugar in blood. Method: Take 2 tbsp of Magaz seeds and boil it in 1 litre of water for 1 hour. Strain it and drink the same like tea.

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