• CARADAMOM ( BARI ELAICHI ) / 50 gm _ ( بڑی الائچی )

    How to use black cardamom بڑی الائچی for health purposes?

    • Chewing a few pieces of cardamom بڑی الائچی  can help increase your appetite.
    • A few ground pieces of cardamom can be consumed to ensure good breath. You can add it to your toothpaste before brushing your teeth to make it easier to consume.
    • You can use cardamom oil for massages as it immediately helps relieve mental strain as well as emotional stress. The oil can also be used to provide relief from muscular and joint pain.
    • The black seed also possesses antispasmodic properties. Therefore, if you feel like vomiting, you can take a small amount of cardamom seed powder and swallow it with a glass of water. This remedy will provide relief from spasms and pain.
    • Chewing a few cardamom seeds بڑی الائچی  everyday will help in detoxifying your body. Ensure to have a handful of these seeds after every meal for effective results.

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